I am Ole Gmelin, a 22 year old German guy, studying in the Netherlands. There are two big passions in my life: Psychology and Cooking. While I am about to make one of them (Brainology) my profession, the other will have to remain the eternal sidekick – and I guess that’s okay. I could list a lot of noble reasons for why I am writing this blog. None of them are my motivation for doing it, though. Now, It is true that I would like to make people experience how easy cooking can be, how non-frightening and save. It is also true that I like to share food with others because it fills me with joy. And it certainly is true, that I want you to reflect on your eating and cooking habits, in order to learn more about yourself. But that’s definitely not the reason why I am putting as much effort in this project as I do. I like to show off and get praise, it’s as simple as that. The other things I said definitely play a role too, it’s just that the need to stage myself is most dominant. But then again, I’m blogging, so that one was kind of obvious

Less obvious however might be what this blog is about. Apart from the cooking-stuff, that one’s sort of self-evident. Especially since I mentioned it already. Cookingbrains is your average slightly scientifically underpinned foodblog, with a pinch of self-reflection. It also tries to be a zone free of automatisms and categorizations (if this doesn’t mean anything to you yet -especially in a food-context – give me some time to write a few posts about it, so I can link some stuff). The bottom line pretty much is: I want us to enjoy some good food in a mindful way to celebrate life.