What lies ahead: An incredibly delayed kick-start.

by cookingbrains09

welcome back

Wow. 413 days went by since I last posted on here. In fact, 413 days went by since I last went on WordPress.

I’m going to take a break“, I said. “It’ll only be a couple of weeks“, I said. That was in January 2014.

Evidently I overestimated my discipline. It’s awkward to realise how easily and gradually everyday life demands cover up the traces of plans and intentions in your mind. Before long I had forgotten about this space. Literally. It took me quite a while to figure out how to log in again. Interestingly enough, the internet did not forget. I just checked, in 2014 6184 people visited this blog. 6184. I’m quite overwhelmed by that number. It means that, by today, 14971 of you visited this space since it started in late 2012. I’m quite grateful for that.

In the last year and a bit it felt like something was missing. Obviously I didn’t stop cooking (a man ‘s gotta eat after all), but with the blog a lot of passion for cooking and food left me. Just like that. Gone. Unfortunately it wasn’t replaced by much else but a nagging feeling of pressure to perform. Work. Work. Work. Getting things done. Making progress. Moving ahead.

But what does lie ahead? I’m at a stage of my life where work demands won’t decrease. If the stories of PhD-candidates and senior researchers are anything to go by they’ll problably only increase. And that’s alright, really. I am happy. But I feel that I need a change of mind. I need to make more time for myself. I suppose this is the premise of cookingbrains in 2015: Let’s just take some time off and make some good food. No stress. No pressure.

That doesn’t mean that – if you wanted to cook what I’m eating – you have to slave away in the kitchen for hours. As in the past, most of my dishes won’t require more than 20 minutes of your time to make. Conceptually I will feature mostly vegetarian and vegan meals. However, there will be meat this time around. Not excessively. But decidedly. And I will try to keep posts short, so that I can, once again, post every Sunday. For this week I’ve selected a few pictures and recipes that I want the new|old blog to look and taste like. Check them out of you like. Thank you – for your support.

sole 1 IMG_6741 carrotnoodles_IMG_6533 mussels1_IMG_3643 baked potatoes_IMG_6547 plated pesto_IMG_6441 lentil and couscous mash_IMG_6508 plated hummus - IMG_4845 poached salmon with warmed cucumber 1 - IMG_3471 plated tomato salad 2 b - IMG_3432 plated lemon salmon - DSCF3501 premium poached peaches - DSCF3458