Short Hiatus – Cookingbrains will be back soon.

by cookingbrains09

I have been posting on Cookingbrains every weekend since August 2012. (Almost) every sunday, no break, no exception. In total this has resulted in 74 (including this 75) posts. These 75 posts have reached 14800 views in this time. Most of the people coming here, seemingly obsessed with Naan (This post has received 2700 and some views, meaning that it has been read more than 5 times as often as the second most popular post: My deconstructed tomato lasagna. I’m incredibly grateful for all of you coming back here every week. Even for all of you who come much less frequently ;-).
I can’t believe that it has been 512 days since I started blogging on here. 512 days well spent, I think. But also 512 exhausting days. I feel like a short break was in order. I’ll take a tiny leave from all of this – a few couple of weeks, I assume. But I will be back soon, latest at the start of March, with all kinds of new tricks and fun things. Until then, take care and share some food with your loved ones.