My favourite inauthentic pasta: My pasta with the easiest tomato sauce.

by cookingbrains09

pasta tomato sauce 2_IMG_6667
The freshness of a nearing spring fills my heart with joy. The air is clear and crisp. The sun is shining optimistically and it won’t be long until the first specks of green will appear in parks and gardens. On days like this, I like my food to mirror the simplicity of the nearing season. Few and subtle flavour, light and almost airy – this is how food should be. No fuzz and no work.
My pasta with the easiest tomato sauce will lift your spirits, I promise you that. Done in half an hour, requiring no work and using only three ingredients – food really doesn’t come any easier than this.

I like straight flavours. Clear cut and minimalistic. There is no need to add much fuzz. A bit of garlic a lot of tomatoes – that’s it. That’s all a good sauce needs. No fancy red wine, no anchovies, no unnecessary herbs. The pure fruity goodness of aromatic tomatoes. That’s all it takes to brighten up my Sundays. All you have to do is pop a few tomatoes into an oven and let them do their little thing. No butter, no cream, no work. But the result is an unbelievably silky and creamy sauce.

Pasta with the easiest tomato sauce.

Olive oil

For 100 g of tomatoes, use about a tablespoon of olive oil. Wash the tomatoes, slice them in half. For about 300 g of tomatoes, add a minced clove of garlic. Add salt. Mix and, cut-side down, put into a oven-tray. Pop the tray into the oven for about 30 minutes at 200-240°C. Once the skin comes off easily and is browned or even slightly charred, take the tray out. Take off all the skins and discard of them. In a blender or with a hand liquidizer, blend the content of the tray into a sauce, for about 3 minutes – or until it starts to whiten slightly and thicken. If you don’t mind the seed in the sauce, leave it as it is – otherwise quickly strain it through a fine sieve. If necessary, add a pinch of sugar to counter balance acidity. Mix with some nice and thick pasta and enjoy.