Godly Greens: My carrot noodles with cottage cheese.

by cookingbrains09

After hours upon hours of feasting. Of roasts and stews, cakes and cookies, of chocolate and sweets, our bodies can take a break. Something light and uplifting, refreshing and nourishing. My carrot noodles with cottage cheese are exactly what a spring lunch should look like. Vegetable pasta, some cottage cheese, that’s all I want to start a year of good resolutions with.

I’m on my way home right now. Hours of trains and busses await me. Making time incredibly scarce and so is a working wifi-connection. If you have enjoyed your Christmas time as much as I did, you might need a bit of a food-break. Something light. Something refreshing and something that might meet your new year’s resolutions, if you should have any.
My carrot noodles with cottage cheese make for a perfect spring/winter lunch. Soft and tender ribbons of carrot, a creamy sauce and the slight acidity of cottage cheese. A light meal, that shouldn’t go untested!

Carrot noodles with cottage cheese.

Dried Chilli
Cottage Cheese
Rocket salad

I am using 3 to 4 carrots per person and about a big tablespoon of butter.

Peel the carrots and, using a vegetable peeler or a vegetable-noodle-ricer, to produce long and thin ribbons of carrot. Add the ribbons to a large bowl and cover with boiling water. Allow to slightly cook through for about 2 minutes. In a large pan, melt some butter, crush some garlic and, over very low heat, allow the garlic to infuse the butter for about 3 minutes. Discard of the garlic and add a bit of dried chilli, a pinch of cumin and a grating of nutmeg. Drain the ribbons, add them to the pan and, over medium heat, allow the ribbons to warm up and be coated by the butter. Add a spoon or two of water, til the butter and water have formed a slightly creamy sauce (or rather a film). Add some salt if necessary and scatter with cottage cheese and rocket salad. Eat with bread or just as it is. But most importantly, enjoy.