Busy Bites: My egg pancakes with fried mushrooms and cottage cheese.

by cookingbrains09

egg pancakes - IMG_6452

Sometimes all you want is a quick snack. Something light and rewarding. Nothing too fancy. Nothing too heavy. A few simple tastes. Juicy and refreshing. And above all: quick. Snack food doesn’t need to be heavy, or complicated or boring. With a few spare minutes. Two pans and a quick hand you can easily make snack-time worth every bite. Aromatic mushrooms, with subtle notes of garlic, the tang of lemon, combined with silky and milky cottage cheese, served on an extremely thin omelette. What better could a snack look like?

Originally, there was supposed to be banana bread on here. With thick chunks of chocolate, white and very dark. Unfortunately, I suck at baking. Big time. So instead of tiny cakes made out of a rich and banana flavoured batter, I had to improvise something nice and quick. Something I could make out of the things I had at home.
Eggs. Mushrooms, half a lemon and a bit of cottage cheese. Plus the obligatory spring onions. I hadn’t been out to do groceries in quite a while. It would have to do. Cooking can be much more fun and rewarding if it is improvised. It can also be more challenging. I’m always surprised with what you can make of whatever is left in your fridge and on your shelves.Deal with the things you have left. Use them all up. Waste nothing.
Albeit improvised, my egg pancakes with fried mushrooms and cottage cheese are a most rewarding snack. The sheets of egg are light, smooth and thin. Together with beautifully fried, aromatic mushrooms and contrasted by the slight acidity of cottage cheese, this dish makes for a sneaky snack on a strenuous Sunday.

My egg pancakes with fried mushrooms and cottage cheese

Olive oil

Spring onions
Cottage cheese

Clean the mushrooms, if necessary. Slice them finely (about 3-5 mm) or chop them in any way you like. Heat up a pan and add a few tablespoons of olive oil. Add the mushrooms and make sure that the pan is not too crowded. Season with salt and allow to fry for about 2 to three minutes or until brown. Turn. Give the other side the same treatment. Mince in a bit of fresh garlic. Turn down the heat and allow the garlic to be cooked through, stir constantly to mix flavours. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice. If you like, grind in a bit of pepper.
Beat together one egg and one yolk, and a pinch of salt for one pan-sized, thin egg pancake. Heat up a pan with a light coating of oil. Add the eggs-mix, shake the pan to create a thin layer covering most or all of the pan. Allow to cook through for about a minute or two. Pat dry with a paper towel.
Finely chop a bit of spring onion.
Fill the egg pancake with cottage cheese, a few tablespoons of mushrooms and the finely chopped spring onion and serve right away. Enjoy.