Brilliant Breakfast: Runny eggpockets with butter-baked soldiers.

by cookingbrains09

eggpockets - DSCF4471
The first light of the day is breaking through my windows. Tickling my nose. I drag my blanket up to my cold nose,so that I can still watch the people outside rushing by. I slide out of bed, into my most comfortable pants and thickest socks. This is a morning to be cherished. A quick trip to the kitchen. Cut some bread, fry an egg. Back to bed. There is nothing I love more than cutting into an egg-pocket and to watch the yolk run out on a Sunday morning that is made to be spent in bed, watching your favourite show. Crunchy slices of toast dipped into runny yolks. Mornings don’t come much better than this.

I love breakfast. I think this should have been established after my last post (If you haven’t seen my pancakes with ovenpoached plums just yet, make sure to give it a look). Whenever I wake up feeling really posh, I will go and poach myself an egg. Tender and silky egg-whites and runny yolks. Luckily I only very rarely feel posh, since poaching an egg is still a nerve-racking adventure for me – more often than not I end up with a whirlwind of scattered whites and mutilated yolks.
There is a cheat-way around that though. A foolproof way to end up with beautifully runny yolks on the inside surrounded by tender whites. Beautifully fried pockets hiding a runny yolk on the inside, served with stripes of butter-baked bread, aromatized with subtle notes of garlic and scattered with chopped chives. This is how every morning should be started – and since making this doesn’t take you more than 5 minutes, there is no reason not to.

Runny eggpockets with butter-baked soldiers.


Crush a clove of fresh garlic and give it into an oven-proof bowl. Add a few teaspoons of butter and pop into a preheated oven to melt the butter. Let the mixture sizzle for a minute or two, so that the garlic can infuse the fat.
Cut slices of toast into about fingerwide strips. Brush a sheet of baking paper with the aromatised butter and arrange the stripes on the paper, make sure to leave gaps of about a centimeter. Lightly brush the top of the bread with butter and pop into the oven at about 200°C for about five minutes or until golden and crunchy.

Add a teaspoon of olive oil to a non-stick pan. Heat up and crack open a medium to large egg. Make sure that the yolk is placed about one to two centimeters away from one of the edges. Allow the white to set slightly, so that the bottom starts to brown lightly. Flip over the side that is furthest away from the yolk to create a pocket. Allow to set for a few second then flip over (the yolk inside the pocket should now face downwards). In total this process should not take much more than 3 minutes. Using a finger, probe the egg. The yolk should be noticeably runny.
You might feel fancy and add a dollop of crème fraîche or a bit of smoked salmon before closing the parcel and if you like, fry some bacon alongside. Chop some chives and sprinkle over the egg. Enjoy.