Delicious Deserts: My pancakes with oven-poached plums.

by cookingbrains09

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The skies are hanging grey and low today. Most of the trees in front of my window have finally lost their leafs and those that hadn’t, have been bent and broken by last week’s storm. People rush by, wrapped in thick coats, wearing silly hats. Red nosed and unappreciative of the beauty of autumn. It’s moments like these, where I sit in front of my window, wearing my thickest socks, spooning hot plum syrup over waver thin pancakes, that I feel at peace with the world. And for a few minutes my busy schedule expands and it is only me and a stack of pancakes, filled with succulent and tender plums, served drowned in a sticky sauce that tastes like cinnamon and that is warm. And my life is wonderful.

I love a good breakfast, especially if it can help me to procrastinate one day before an exam. Which is what has happened today. Which is what happens every time. And while I spent the better part of this morning cutting, whisking and poaching things – my pancakes with oven-poached plums really take little effort and even less time. All you’ve got to do it to pop the plums into the oven before you start shaving, taking a shower or whatnot and your breakfast will be ready once you are all clean and fresh. I love pancakes (check out my american pancakes with home-made caramel sauce): thin and slightly fluffy, served with a few spoons of a refreshing fruit-sauce, this is how you start an awesome morning. Or afternoon. Or end a good day. Warm hints of cinnamon, a touch of the refreshing acidity autumn plums brings and the subtle elegance of ripe lemons. My pancakes with oven-poached plums is a dish to treat someone important with – and really, who’s more important than yourself? If you are looking to spice up your morning routine, then give this dish a go. It will be worth it, I promise.

My pancakes with oven-poached plums



This dish will yield about 6 pancakes with a 10 cm diameter. For me this would be enough for a nice breakfast, but you might feel like doubling the recipe to feed yourself. You can easily do so.
Wash, destone and slice the plums in any way you like. In an oven-tray mix them with a few tablespoons of sugar, a pinch or two of cinnamon and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Add water, so that the plums are covered half-way and pop them into a preheated oven (at about 180°C). Allow to cook through for about half an hour. You might need to add additional liquid if the poaching liquid has reduced too much, but the plums are not tender yet.

Beat one egg with 30 g of sugar until the mix starts to turn slightly pale and has thickened a bit, you are aiming for frothy, but not stiff. This will help to yield fluffier pancakes. Slowly incorporate 60 g of flour, until the batter is smooth. Add a tablespoon of melted butter and give a final stir. Now, slowly, add 80 ml of milk. Heat up a non-stick pan and spoon some of the batter in there. Allow to brown from both sides (this will take about 4 minutes) and serve with the warm plums and syrup. Enjoy.