Godly Greens: My grilled autumn vegetables.

by cookingbrains09

grilled autumn vegetables - IMG_2496
Autumn is rich in colours. Tables at the green-grocers are creaking under the weight of buckets full of purple, yellow and the whitest carrots and the piles of pumpkins have been growing to immense sizes lately. I think that all this autumn abundance deserves to be enjoyed on its own. Not as a side-cast to a beautifully roasted pork belly. My grilled autumn vegetables are a celebration of the season. The meatiness of the grilled pumpkin and the subtle sweetness of the grilled carrots, served with a vinaigrette of lemon juice, olive oil and coriander. It’s hearty and light, it’s warm and refreshing. Autumn is here to warm your heart.

This week’s dish was supposed to be a molded custard. Light and airy, deliciously soft and with notes of vanilla, served with a blue-berry sauce. Well, that obviously did not happen. After hours and hours of trial-bakes in lightly simmering water-baths I was defeated. Custard and me are taking a break from each other. It really is for the better.
Luckily ( and really it was pure luck) I had something waiting on the hard drive of my trusty old laptop, ready to be posted. It might sound like a bad replacement, but really it isn’t. I just thought that a pudding would be nice, for a change. But who could say no to these beautifully charred autumn vegetables? Soft and flavourful carrots and the almost meaty pumpkin really were designed to be grilled. If you can, try to get a hold of a few heirloom carrots, some purple, some white, some yellow and some orange. And it’s not just about looks, each variety has its own taste, a little surprise if you will, that waits to be explored. My grilled autumn vegetables can be many things, a delicious side-kick to a piece of roasted pork or grilled chicken, the perfect partner in crime for a few baked potatoes or a hero on their own, served with a light vinaigrette of lemon, coriander and olive oil on a bed of steamed rice.

My grilled autumn vegetables.

Olive Oil

Cut the vegetables in about finger-thick pieces. Mix some freshly crushed garlic with olive oil, quickly brush the vegetable with the oil. Salt. Grill in a very hot grilling pan for about 10 minutes, or until soft and tender.
Chop the coriander, mix with olive oil (good quality) and lemon juice. Add salt and chili.
Alternatively, this goes very nicely with the créme fraîche sauce I made for my sliced and baked potatoes. As a matter of fact, you might want to eat these greens along-side the potatoes. Or just with a bit of nicely steamed rice. Enjoy.