Super sneaky salads: The easiest tomato salad.

by cookingbrains09

plated tomato salad 2 b - IMG_3432

Summer is abundance. Abundance of colours and flavours. Summer salads are celebrations of simplicity. An explosion of simple flavours, of few ingredients and little effort that come together in great dishes. My easy tomato salad is the ideal starter for a lovely summer lunch or makes for a perfect snack. Thinly sliced tomatoes, a touch of good olive oil and a hint of fresh garlic is all it takes to transform the colourful bulbs into a summer day’s dream. Done in little more than 5 minutes.

I love dishes that are simple, both in regard to the ingredients used and the method applied. For me, food needs to be straight forward. It should be easy to “understand”. No distractions. No superfluous elements. Just food. Summer endows us with an abundance of intense flavours. Rather than to hide and correct, the fruits of summer just need a bit of help to bring out their full potential. If possible I like to serve summer vegetables raw, as not to loose any of their consistency or colour. My salad of summer tomatoes, really is the easiest salad you’ll ever make. But, regardless of how fresh and juicy, even the best ingredient can need a bit of help. A touch of olive oil, a hint of garlic and the most aromatic basil will make this red bulb shine.

The easiest tomato salad.

Olive Oil

tomatoes - IMG_3420

With a very sharp knife, slice your tomatoes thinly. I like to use different varieties (have a go at the multitude of heirloom varieties that are currently fashionable). When it comes to handling a knife, have a look at my how-to post, in order to obtain better results while keeping all your fingertips.
Arrange the slices on a plate with a few fresh basil leafs. Rub the surface of a plate or bowl with a very fresh garlic clove and add a few teaspoons of good olive oil. Allow the flavours to mingle and drizzle the freshly made garlic oil over your tomatoes. Grind some black pepper and a bit of salt over. If you like, a few drops of good balsamic vinegar could posh this up a bit or, if you feel extra fancy, a few teaspoons of my amazing balsamic reduction, might just do the trick.
Have this as a starter as it is or arrange on a crunchy bit of ciabatta, maybe on a nice slice of mozzarella.