Up and down and down again: Dealing with technical issues and a bright future.

by cookingbrains09

Not everything will always work out the way you expect it to. Most things will, but not all. I’m sitting in a nice big hotel room somewhere in Lisbon. The portuguese weather is kind to me today, it has been for the last two days. Just a bit of sun, a bit of win, a slightly gray sky, weather just how I like it. I’m not one for intense summers. I can’t wait to go to town today to get myself some properly grilled fish in one of the seemingly infinite grill restaurants at the campenos around the city centre. Unfortunately you will have to live one week without the obligatory Sunday recipe, I know, I know, that’s devastating news. Originally some grilled fish-dish was supposed to appear on here, maybe with a bit of tomatoes on the side, because that’s what I like. But it wasn’t meant to be. Just before I left, right on my 23 birthday, my trusty old laptop decided to break his loyalty and died on me. Just like that. With it, it took all my data, all pictures for future posts that I had planned for the summer. And I didn’t make a back-up, obviously. Why would I.
But it is not all bad news. I’m quite excited really. I’m in the midst of something that I had never expect to happen. I’m planning my anniversary. In a few weeks, cookingbrains will have its first birthday. I never really expected this to happen. I thought I would give up before this could happen. But I didn’t. Good on me. Over the summer I plan on utilizing one of the great gifts I received about a week ago. If you log on to www.cookingbrains.com, what you type is what you get. I am now the proud owner of an own domain. Currently it is still connected to my slightly shabby wordpress account, but expect some exciting changes for the anniversary. I certainly am.
Instead of looking at recipes today, why don’t you have a look into your fridge, see what’s there. Cook something fancy, something you never tried before. Use no recipe, only your mind, and enjoy the fruits of whatever it is you are doing.