Delicious Desserts: My premium poached peaches.

by cookingbrains09

premium poached peaches - DSCF3458
For me a nice sunny day, be it in spring, summer or in between, is best enjoyed with a bit of ice cream. For hot days, I prefer something light and fruity, no dairy, just something refreshing for sitting somewhere under a tree. But luckily the sun has not reached full potential just yet, which makes these days the perfect occasion for something creamy and fruity, rich and yet refreshing. My premium poached peaches are a true delight. There is nothing else to say. Succulent, tender flesh accompanied by smooth ice cream and a rich and aromatic rosé syrup oozing over the dish, covering both peaches and ice cream in a coat of sticky goodness. This dessert has the ultimate addiction potential and why shouldn’t it: My premium poached peaches take less than 20 minutes to make and only 5 of them require your full attention. But beware: after you try this you might never eat your ice cream in a different way again.

Okay, this is what is going to happen. Maybe you just came here for the pictures. Or because you know how happy it makes me (little hint: extremely). Maybe you even think that this might be something you could potentially try at home. And maybe, just maybe, you will even read through the recipe. But I suppose that that’s going to be it. You will most likely just leave it at that. Right? Honestly, how many of the recipes on here have you tried at home?

I am pretty certain that your answer is going to be: not one. At least for most of you. And if this wasn’t my blog, I would probably say the same. It is a bit sad, really. But it doesn’t need to continue like this. We always have the choice to turn things around and to try something, we have never tried before, instead of just thinking about doing it. So right here and right now, I dare you. I dare you to try this recipe. I dare you to go and buy the nicest peaches you can find, with an aromatic smell and soft skin. And I dare you to make this dish some time this week, not the next week or the week after. There are no excuses: My premium poached peaches take about 20 minutes to make, but only about 5 minutes of actual attention. The ice cream to serve them with is from the supermarket. This dish won’t be too much effort – quite on the contrary, it will just be enough so that you can say you made it yourself.
Pick the warmest afternoon of this week, go to the market or the supermarket and get yourself a couple of very nice and ripe peaches. Invite some friends, drink some rosé, enjoy the sun, laugh a lot and then surprise everyone with something so easy and incredibly rewarding. The brilliant thing about this dish is that you don’t need to serve it warm, just seal it in a box, fetch a carton of ice cream on your way to the park and enjoy yourselves.
My premium poached peaches are basically slowcooked in a dry rosé wine, to which you add a bit of vanilla and cinnamon. When buying the peaches make sure that they are ripe but firm. I prefer some plain cream-ice cream or yoghurt ice cream. No vanilla or chocolate flavour, just pure dairy – the milky creaminess will be necessary to counterbalance the intense flavour of the peaches. The mix of the aromatic and sweet, slightly warm sauce and the soft and subtle ice cream is quite extraordinary on its own. But add a bit of the tender and sweet, yet refreshing peach and you are in heaven. I kid you not.

My premium poached peaches

Dry Rosé wine
Cinnamon stick
Vanilla bean pod

Per person I serve one peach (so two halves). The peaches keep well in the fridge for two to three days, if you cover them with a bit of syrup.

raw peaches 2 - DSCF3441

Wash your peaches. Half them carefully and stone the fruits. Peaches are very delicate, for handling them use your soft and gentle hands, not the rough ones.

poaching peaches - DSCF3448

Add the rosé to a pan that will fit all your peaches. The peaches should be almost covered with rose. Add one cinnamon stick and the seeds of half a vanilla bean and the pod. For two cups of wine add one tablespoon of honey – don’t make it too sweet now, as you can still add honey later. Set to medium heat. The liquid should be simmering, not cooking. Poach the peaches for about 8 minutes, after four take out the cinnamon stick. You might need to turn them once or twice, to assure complete cooking. They are ready when the skin comes off easily. These peaches are best when they are tender, but still firm.

sneak peak - DSCF3462

Take the peaches out of the pan, and leave to rest on a warm plate (if you want to use them warm). I love to scoop ice-cream into the skin after I hollowed out the flesh – the texture and taste are really rather nice. However, if you prefer your peaches posh, take off the skin and put it back into the pan with the poaching liquid. On medium heat, reduce the liquid by half. You might need to add a bit of honey for extra sweetness. The liquid should have reduced to a runny syrup, this might take up to 10 minutes. Remove the vanilla bean pod and the peach skins, if you skinned your peaches.

Put a nice big scoop of a ice cream into a bowl, add the peaches. Right before serving add about a tablespoon of the rosé to the syrup for a bit of a tang and a slight buzz – if you are serving this to children or don’t like the taste of raw wine, just omit this step. Pour a generous ladle of sauce over the ice cream and peaches and enjoy.