Pretty puff: My delicious goat’s treasure with chicory and walnuts.

by cookingbrains09

10baked pastry rocket1All good things come in small packages. And sometimes it is just a bit of puff-pastry and goat’s cheese to make everything better. Cooking can and should be fun and most importantly it can be as easy as quickly grilling a chicory, spreading it on a piece of puff, crumble some goat’s cheese over and scatter over some walnuts. This might look like a big task, like a challenge, but trust me it is not. Have a go at it. What could be more of a real treasure than incredible goat’s cheese, honey, walnuts and lovely chicory? All of them married by a crisp and golden packages of puff-pastry.
Time is a bit scarce today and pretty much like every other day, I might not get to do all the things I would like to get done. In addition I’m all out of words, so today is not going to be much more than a few words on an amazing recipe. Everyone knows these times where you feel that you barely have time left for taking a long deep breath, regardless of how bad you need it. In the last couple of weeks I learned something about my life that sounds so simple if you think about it, but becomes hard whenever you try to implement it: You can’t find time, you’ve got to make it. There is always something up, always some paper you need to read, some phone-call you need to make or some appointment you cannot miss. Free time for yourself doesn’t just happen, it doesn’t wait behind the next corner, ready for you to pick it up. Free time needs to be fought for, you have to plan it and demand it. One way for me to reclaim my day is by cooking. I need to eat. Period. But what I make from it, is up to me. Food can become a daily ritual of awareness, of breath and of space for one-self. Why don’t you just have a go at it yourself? All it takes is a bit of puff-pastry and some nice slices of goat’s cheese and you are in for a treat. The sweetness of the honey goes incredibly well with the strong goat’s cheese and the slightly caramelized walnuts do their part to add a lovely crunch and texture to this dish. This is a real treasure. Perfect for treating yourself to something nice or to surprise your friends with pure deliciousness.

My goat’s cheese treasure

Rocket salad
Crème fraîche
Goat's cheese

1grilled endive with lemon
Take your chicory and quarter it. Dress it very lightly in olive oil and a hint of sesame oil, which will add more roasting-flavour to the chicory. Salt. Heat up a pan (grill-pan preferably) and give the chicory a quick roast, you want them brown on all sides, but not burnt. Dress with a bit of lemon-juice and pepper.
Take a piece of puff-pastry and spread it with Crème Fraîche. The pastry can be bought frozen in supermarkets and will need to thaw for as long as it takes to grill the chicory.
Shred the chicory and scatter over the puff-pastry. Make sure not to cover all the pastry with the Crème or the chicory or else you wont be able to seal it later.
Get yourself some nice goat’s cheese. It can be quite strong, but should be rather soft, so that you can break it easily. I used a nice goat’s camembert that you can buy on the market in Groningen. But a good Feta will do. Break and scatter over the chicory.
Add some walnuts.
7topped pastry
Here comes the tricky part: Take a second puff-pastry layer and cut out a square in the middle. But it on top and seal the edges by pressing down with a fork. This will be easier if you have left a substantial margin when filling the first layer. It is totally fine if your filling breaks a bit out of the center, after all that’s what it is there for.
Drizzle over quite some honey. Don’t be shy and give it some sweetness. The honey will help to caramelize the puff and cheese and add a sweetness that counters the cheese’s goatiness beautifully.
9baked pastry1
Follow the instruction on your box, when it comes to temperature and time. I usually bake my puff at about 200°C for 15-20 minutes.
10baked pastry rocket1
Garnish with a bit of rocket salad, if you like. Make sure to drizzle over some lemon-juice and eat ready as it is. Heaven.