All good things must come to an end – A short recap of the last 5 months and 19 posts.

by cookingbrains09

books6All good things must come to an end… No, they mustn’t and often there is no reason why they should. I had a blast with all of you during the last couple of months (5 months to be precise) and I can’t conceive of any reason why we should not just continue. Today’s post was, again, written in a train. I’m a bit hung over and extremely hungry, so I can’t really be bothered with writing about the extremely yummy dish that I had planned to blog about today. Instead I’ll do a quick recap of all the things that have happened so far and try to give an idea of what’s going to happen in the future. This blog is pretty easy on your occipital lobes: lots and lots of pictures and just a bit of content.

Five months fly by pretty fast, much faster than I ever expected them to. When I first set up this whole thing I wanted it to last longer than, say, a week – but things don’t always turn out the way you want them to, especially if you are a hard-core procrastinator and usually never pull trough with anything. And all the hoping in the world can not make things happen unless you make it so. But now, 19 posts later, I am quite proud. I’m proud of you, for coming back every single week and of me for producing something, every single sunday.

I am aware that I am quite late with today’s post, again. Yada, yada. But there is not much I can do about it. Nothing but promising that things will change around here next year. I am usually not a big fan of new-year-resulutions, mostly because of their habit of never becoming reality. But I figured why not give it another try this year? Parts of my resolutions consist of plans to break with old habits. Just as an example: I am a heavy bag-packer. I always travel with a cook-book. Always. This year I made sure to bring Nigel Slater’s Tender I, Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking and Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italy back home you know just in case that I might need some inspiration for a meal. Not that there wasn’t a whole web – one that’s world-wide- right at my fingertips. The more problematic part is that Christmas usually fills your suitcase, rather than to empty it out. So for the next year I promise to pack lighter, only the things I actually need.

As far as it goes for this little project here: I promise to worry less about what you might think about what I am doing. Those of you who do come back every week might like some of the things you are reading here… that’s all I can offer. I will just keep on doing my thing. Try to find my own style. And maybe this would be a good time to finally start and address the brain, in cookingbrains. I will try to integrate psychology a bit better into all of this than I used to. Talk about more concrete concepts and about how our brain creates flavour and makes sense of food. As far as recipes go: I want to cook a bit more healthy, have even more veggies and probably some more meat. I’m thinking quail, beef and pork. More seafood: scallops, fish, squid and shrimp. And more recipes that you might want to try. Things that make you happy and warm, full and content. And maybe a bit more of the classy stuff. Life ‘s short, so we better live it to the fullest.