No-Bake-Cake: Dr. Liz’ cranberry spacecake.

by cookingbrains09

spacecakec1Rumor has it that too much of a good can be a bad thing. Now, I don’t believe in rumors or in too much. I only believe in just enough, as in: there is just enough good things in this recipe to make it amazing. Or as in: you will spent just enough time on this one that you will be able to say it was actually home-made. I have a thing for simple recipe’s, for those that allow you to just lean back and stir a bit every now and then while you enjoy a glass of vodka with splash of cranberry juice -but more about this later. As far as cakes go this is probably the easiest and fastest you will ever encounter. Now, I realize that this probably doesn’t count as a cake, since there is no baking, flour, eggs, sugar or batter for that matter, but honestly- who will care once they let their teeth sink into all this gooey goodness.

My friend Liz is a doctor, or on her way to become one, but anyway, since it was her recipe that inspired this divine desert I am rather confident in saying that it is almost something like medical prescription. Because really, if a doctor makes it, it must be good for you. But just to make sure, if you are anything like me you might want to invite some friends over for a hot coco or a nice cup of tea and some nice pieces of spacecake, because if you are, indeed, anything like me you would eat the whole thing if left to your own.
Unlike the name might suggest, there isn’t actually any space in this cake but something equally good: marsbars. While soft and chewy in their unmelted state you need to realize that they mostly consist out of sugar and fat, which is a huge plus if you want to produce anything solid-ish. The recipe asks for an extra helping of butter which might seem… overzealous. And maybe it is. But the extra fat will help to further solidify the mass in the fridge. The sugar of the marsbars in addition will help to produce an extra chewy end-product. And really, that’s all there is to it, just some Rice Krispies and you are good to go. Usually, I add some raisins, sometimes some nuts and if I feel all classy and posh I sneak in some cranberries. In that regard this cake resembles the fun cousin of a granola-bar. And by soaking the cranberries in a lot of alcohol you can make this the nicely drunk (naughty-drunk not mean-drunk) niece. But really, the sky is the limit and if you are not really into dried fruit, I’m sure you can have a go at anything from liquorice drops to coffee beans. And yes, also space if you want to.

Dr. Liz’s cranberry spacecake

 Alcohol (about 40%), I prefer rum, but Vodka with rum-aroma is fine too
 Rice Krispies

I use a cup that fits about 50 grams of Rice Krispies.

  1. Soak about a cup of cranberries in the alcohol. I use vodka with a splash of rum-aroma. Soak them for at least half an hour, preferably longer.
  2. Chop your marsbars, take about a cup of chopped marsbars for each cup of Rice Krispies.
  3. Take a large saucepan and put it on a low heat. Add the chopped marsbars to the pan.
  4. Add about 2/3 times the amount of butter for 3 parts of Rice Krispies (That is 100 grams of butter for 150 grams of Rice Krispies).
  5. Slowly melt the butter and the bars while constantly stirring, when everything is melted turn off the heat and keep stirring until the content of the pan is smooth and thick.(Watch out, the mix will be much hotter than you expect it to be, after all it contains large quantities of melted sugar)
  6. Drain the cranberries and add them to the pan.
  7. Add the Rice Krispies (1 cup for each cup of chopped marsbars) and stir again.
  8. Line a baking-form with cling-foil and spread the content of the pan in the form.
  9. Put the form into a fridge and let cool for about an hour.

Cut into the shape you prefer and enjoy.