Brilliant Breakfasts: Fudgy yoghurt pancakes

by cookingbrains09

Apparently breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At least that’s what they say. I’m a bit on the fence with this very early meal. For one I get tired easily of only oats, oats and more oats with milk or yoghurt – as the Dutch seem yet need to discover the wonders of good bread. Also, breakfast is scheduled rather badly, at least for me. There is just so little time between getting up and going to class, heading off to work or just getting the day started. But every now and then I have important things to do, so important in fact, that I am in grief need of procrastination: That’s when I start making huge-ass breakfasts, with fancy pancakes and caramelsauce. Because nothing says “take your time” better than this delicious sticky and fluffy dream.

There seems to be a perfect breakfast for every type of morning: Cold pizza for a post-party morning. My bread&squeeze for when you feel all fresh, classy and active. A good British breakfast with bacon, sausage, baked beans and what-not for a cold winter morning. Oeuf en cocotte for a luscious breakfast for two, preferably in bed (That is if you are with someone who let’s you eat breakfast in bed). And my fudgy yoghurt pancakes for times when you just feel like treating yourself to something. What’s your favourite breakfast and why, let me know down below in the comment-section.
As a German I’m not a big expert on American pancake-making. We usually have ours flat and thin, almost like the French crêpes. But for two reasons I think that, at least with this caramel sauce, American is the way to go: Most importantly, it’s easier to make them look good on a picture, which is one of my essential concerns when cooking for this blog. I know that’s cheap and all, but have you ever tried making a pile of crêpes look good if you are only shooting pictures down at them? Not fun, I can tell you. Secondly, their fluffy, almost spongy, interior absorbs the sauce beautifully and makes for a delicious delight. What I like best about this dish is the ease with which you can create this caramel sauce. This extends for caramel sauces in general, as they are only made out of sugar and some sort of animal lipid. I have both seen and tried sauces made with butter, whole milk or condensed milk, but personally I prefer myself some good old single-cream. It will be runnier than using only butter, richer than sauces made with whole milk and you can use left-over liquids for other things more easily than you could with condensed milk.

Fluffy Yoghurt Pancakes

Baking Powder
  1. In this recipe 1 part will equal about 1 tea-cup. A part will be enough for one to two people.
  2. For each part flour use about one egg or two egg-yolks and put it in a mixing-bowl.
  3. Add one part of flour. For each part of flour add two teaspoons of baking powder.
  4. Add about half a part of yoghurt (obviously whole fat, but I guess from reading this blog you figured as much).
  5. Add about half a part of milk, be careful with adding the milk: the batter is supposed to be on the thicker side, don’t let it become too runny.
  6. Add a pinch of salt for every part of flour.
  7. If you like add a bit of sugar to your batter, while this is not originally American, I do love me some sugar.
  8. Stir til smooth.
  9. Brush a coated pan slightly with a bit of oil.
  10. Put the pan on medium heat and scoop in the batter.
  11. Let the pancakes raise and fluff-out a bit. Flip and give the other side another bake.

Caramel Sauce

Single cream
  1. Take one part of sugar and add it to a pan.
  2. Take one part of water and add it to the pan aswell.
  3. Put the pan on low to medium heat.
  4. Let the sugar dissolve and bring it to a bubble in a pan.
  5. Stir the bubbling sugar and let it color nicely. You can start to add the cream as soon as the sugar turned golden, however the longer you wait the more intense your caramel will get.
  6. Take the pan off the heat.
  7. Add a pinch of salt.
  8. Slowly add one part of cream while stiring constantly and rather fast. It might be necessary to add more cream later, depending on your sauces thickness. Keep in mind that the sauce will thicken once it gets colder.

Drizzle over a stack of pancakes and enjoy. This sauce keeps well in a nice jar in your cupboard.

Hot sugar is hot

Make sure not to get any sugar on your skinn, it will give you burn-marks as it is freaking hot. Make sure not to spoon a big amount out of the pan right into your mouth, as you will probably get yourself the burn of your life.