My favourite inauthentic pasta: Zucchini-Butter-Sauce

by cookingbrains09

Summer is fading away, slowly but surely. Autumn has us in his hard, cold and wet grip. I’ve got to say that as much as I like the stormy company of a revelling autumn evening, this very season would surely make for a very bad lover. In a time, where all things slowly start to come to a halt, where days become darker and it starts to get so cold that your hands get so stiff from riding your bike, that you can’t hold your pen (which is a major drawback if you have exams right coming up and need a functioning hand), a little extra-comfort will make all the difference. Comfort-food has something about it, that makes me feel all warm inside. And this warmth extends far beyond any physical attribute. It’s more than the texture. It’s more than the ease of making it. More than the flavour. It’s the sum of all of them. It’s the fact that you allow yourself to take some time. The act of allowing yourself some comfort. And really, I couldn’t think of anything more comforting than my pasta with zucchini-butter sauce.

Time is still a scarce resource. It’s not that I haven’t got any, it’s rather that I have plenty of it, just non left for cooking. Or socializing or anything else than studying for that matter. But a man has got to eat (and so do women , I assume) and for me cooking proves to be a good way to procrastinate a few minutes out of my day. To just lean back, let the content of a pan slowly bubble away and stir your pasta-pot every now and again. Sometimes this is all it takes. This and some eating.
The good thing about cooking and eating is that it only takes so long. Just think on how much time you spend on Facebook, every day.

Unless your ratio is smaller than 1, how could you possibly be too busy to cook and eat when you spend hours constantly refreshing your news-feed? Most dishes in this blog won’t take you longer than 30 minutes to prepare and eat: My Bread&Squeeze, my super simple potato-leek-soup or my favourite in authentic pata, all done in spell. And in their own way, all comfort-food.  my pasta with zucchini-butter-sauce fits in just perfectly in this little crowd of comfy creations. I dare you, take 30 minutes off from what-ever it is that keeps you so busy right now and eat something good. Take longer if you have to. Don’t rush into things, but comfort yourself. You’ve got the extra-time.


 Crème fraîche
  1. Bring water for the pasta to a boil, salt generously and add the pasta.
  2. Melt the butter in a larger pan. I usually use a slice of butter as thick as my index-finger for only myself, so a slice as thick as my thumb will do for two people. You’ll have to judge for yourself whether or not your thumbs are thick enough for that or if you need to double.
  3. Either grate or cut the courgette in small cubes and add to the slightly sizzling butter. (About half a medium-size zucchini will do.)
  4. Add salt.
  5. Let the zucchini brown a bit. The roasted-ness of your zucchini will determine the intensity of the sauce. The browner the zucchini, the more intense the flavour. So if you crave for something extra-savory, give them a good brown, if you care for something lighter and more fresh, I suggest to only slightly brown your greens.)
  6. Add some garlic and let it’s flavour ooze into the pan for about half a minute, it shouldn’t burn, only slightly brown.
  7. Add half a small-tea-cup of the pasta-water to the sauce.
  8. Stir and let the content of your pan become a mush.
  9. Add a dollop of crème fraîche to the pan, or two if you like it rich.
  10. You want your sauce to have a nice silky consistency, it cannot be too thick or too runny. So either let it reduce a bit or add more cooking-water.
  11. Add a bit of chopped parsley to the sauce.
  12. Add a bit of lemon-juice if you feel like it.
  13. Adjust saltiness and add a bit of black pepper.
  14. Mix with the pasta directly in the pan and enjoy on a nice plate.