Bread & Squeeze

by cookingbrains09

It really took me some time to decide what this first food-related post should be about. I wanted something simple yet exciting. Something refreshing yet comforting. Something that’s so fast to make that you wont have any excuses not to cook. Especially since there is no cooking involved.  And it had to be something I already wrote in advance, so I would have time to lazily lie around, instead. So my bread and squeeze is perfect in every regard. The days of overly sweet, strangely gooey jams are over. 

This is a jam for the lazy. For the hard-working and the hardly working. A quick snack for those with only little time at hands and those with lots of it, but none left for cooking. It’s a dish for people without a jam-maker or a stove or a kitchen. It’s what I call (I’ve never called anything like this before and most probably never will again) an oneknifewilldodish. Because all you need is a knife and enough money to buy a mango. There is no cooking involved in this one. Sorry, I have to clarify, enough money to buy a good mango. And Higgs Boson knows, in this part of the world that can be quite a lot. But it will be worth it, every cent and bite. Promised. Buy the ripest fruit you can possibly find. Make it organic if you can. And possibly even fair-trade. The mango has to be so soft and sweet and intensely flavoured that even without cooking it makes for an immensely decadent jam – don’t be tempted to make any cuts, it won’t pay off.

Food-writers and cooks alike have a habit of saying and writing that as the number of ingredients decreases the each ingredient’s quality-level has to increase relatively. Now, I’m not entirely sure if this has to be the case all the time, but in this very case, I believe, it is true. The good thing, though, is that the food-writer-folk is not right when they claim that you always get what you pay for. There is no need to spend a fortune on high-priced cream-cheese, when really a plain and creamy one from the bottom of the shelf will do. I repeat, this does not apply to mangos.

As the mango is, hopefully, all sweet, fruity and probably a bit tangy, make sure that you get a full-fat and decidedly salty cream-cheese, to balance out the mango’s sweetness and accentuate its silky creaminess. If you make your own bread, try this recipe right after you took it out of the oven, when it’s still warm and oh so fluffy. The bread needs some nice crunchy crust to it, to add some texture to all this tenderness.

A ripe mango 
Some white-flour bread 
Salty cream-cheese

Slice the mango in thick chunks or very finely if you like (I’m not sure if this is necessary, but just for the record – I’d advise you to peel the mango first). Spread the cheese thickly on the bread and top it with the mango. If the cutting and peeling produced any juices (this is rhetorical, because you will make a mess) save and drizzle them over this delightful dish. You might feel that you are missing a bit of tanginess, adding some lemon-juice might help.